West Sussex branding agency and graphic design specialists who don’t just care about brands. We care about you.

Have you ever worried that the visual representation of your brand is discouraging potential clients? Have you been searching for a branding agency that understands who you are as a business and who can help build a brand that truly represents you? Are your marketing efforts not as effective as they could be?

You’re not alone. Many of our clients struggled with the same challenges. As a West Sussex branding agency we’ve provided hundreds of businesses with our bespoke graphic design and branding services. We work with clients across Horsham, Crawley and beyond – in fact, we have no real geographical limitations and have clients right across the UK, and internationally too.


Branding is at the heart of everything we do, but Branding is not all that we do.


Our award-winning creative brand agency are experts in bringing brands to life through strategy and brand identity creation. Our passionate team of creative thinkers, designers and marketers have a real passion for creating big, bold and memorable brands and delivering great customer experiences.


Branding not really expressing who you are? It’s an all too familiar dilemma.


You’re an expert in your field with a competitive advantage, engaging with lots of potential clients but simply not converting these potential clients into customers. Not great, but worry not…


As an experienced branding and creative design services agency, this is where we come in. We use the concept of design to provide businesses in the property, financial, retail and hospitality sectors with more customers. We create brand identities for businesses, before putting our creative minds on full power to deliver high quality design elements that reflect your business and your brand.

Your brand is important.

Like it or not, your brand will influence your everyday activity and your long-term success. It is the sum total of everything people feel about your business. It is your business’s identity, personality and character.

With over 40 years’ combined experience in branding, visual identity and project management, we are bona fide “brandaholics” who use our passion and creativity to help businesses, like yours, bring your brand to life. We specialise in brand identities, brand management and creative graphic design, helping you attract more customers and stand out against your dull, grey competitors.


So let’s get real for a moment


It’s time for you to shine. Lead the pack and separate your brilliant brand from all the rest.



5 Steps to Creating a Memorable Brand 

If you are unclear where you sit in your marketplace and don’t know what you are looking to achieve as a business, then naturally your branding becomes rather bland. A bland brand (there’s a tongue twister) reduces the value of your business, so make sure you get it right from the start.

We’re here to help. We’ve put together a free guide to creating a brand that people remember. We take you through the steps to creating a brand, and let you in on a few of our branding secrets!

Download our FREE branding guide and get instant access to 5 crucial factors that you MUST start with before you start to create your brand!

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5 Steps to Creating a Memorable Brand