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Looking for a graphic designer to take your business to the next level?

Growing a business from the ground up is tough. There’s so much to consider and cash flow is always a challenge. So it’s completely understandable if focusing on building your brand through creative and distinctive graphic design is the last thing on your mind.

Your brand is important. Like it or not, it will influence your everyday activity and your long-term success. It is the sum total of everything people feel about your business. It is your business’s identity, personality and character – graphic design plays a big part in this.

As an experienced graphic design agency, this is where we come in.

With over 40 years’ combined graphic design experience in brand strategy and visual identity, designing for some of the largest brands in the world, we are bona fide “graphic design geeks” who use our passion and creativity to help local businesses, like yours, to bring your brand to life through outstanding graphic design.

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We make graphic design really work for your brand, as well as just look good. This is how we do it:


Visual identity is not just a logo; it’s all of the visual elements that become a part of anything you produce in order to brand and promote your company and services. From the strategy upwards, we create brands that directly connect to your consumer needs, their emotions, and your competitive environments.

Graphic Design

We develop strong, engaging creative solutions, ranging from a simple business card and associated corporate stationery to leaflets, brochures, flyers or a fully comprehensive brand guideline document.

So much about design is subjective and emotive. As a graphic design agency in Horsham, we are conveniently located to work businesses across West Sussex, Surrey and beyond

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“I felt it was a tall order to make Accountancy feel exciting, but throughout the process with xHeight, Karen and her team were enthusiastic and creative.”

Barbara Martin, Vital Statistics

Brand design that makes a real impact

“When we sat down with xHeight to review the concepts they had produced I was completely overwhelmed. Not only had they totally ‘got’ what we wanted to achieve,they also suggested a new name for the company which we felt was far more befitting than what either I or my team had come up with.”

Adeline Garman, Sass Social

Brand design that makes a real impact

“xHeight are so passionate about what they do you know from your initial meeting that you are going to get amazing results, have fun and receive expert advice.”

Deborah Turner, Personal Branding