Brand Design

We’re xHeight, a Brand Design Agency based in Horsham, West Sussex

We’ll create a brand identity for you that connects with your customers on a whole new level

In a digital and visually driven world, ensuring your brand hits your customer’s spot has never been more important.

Your brand is used to identify you and forms a basis for first impressions. It should do almost all of the hard work, so you don’t have to! It should say everything about you, without you having to say anything at all.

Your brand identity should be purposeful, memorable and unique. Which is why it’s important to choose a brand design agency that will work closely with you to craft a visual identity that truly represents you.

There are so many elements to consider when creating a brand – colours, visual marks, typography, use of photography and iconography (to name just a few). We use our many years of experience to design visuals and materials that are reflective of and relevant to your business.

Our role as a Creative Branding Agency


Every brand has a story and a reason for being. At the research stage, we dig deep into your values and vision for your brand before we even attempt to start the design process. We consider the market you work within, the competitive landscape, ideal customers and things that you like and dislike from a visual perspective. The research phase is crucial as it informs the creative direction of your branding project.

Brand Identity Design

From the extensive research we carry out in the Research phase, we will have created a solid strategy and foundation for the brand identity. Typically, our brand identity design projects include the following elements:

  • Logo design
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Imagery / Iconography / Photography Style
  • Some Marketing assets so you can see how the brand comes to life in the ‘real world’ (e.g. Stationery, merchandise, promotional materials)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • We can also design or redesign a beautiful website for you

We like our clients to be very much involved in the process. We keep them up to speed and have agreed check in points at regular intervals, as we feel that the collaborative approach truly brings the best results.

Brand Identity Presentation

Once we’ve carried out internal reviews on the brand identity design and made any necessary tweaks and revisions, we set up a meeting to review with our clients. This meeting usually takes place in person or via Zoom, so that we can relay our thought process behind each aspect of the design and discuss as a group initial observations and thoughts. This also is a time to take stock of anything else that you might need and help you plan for those.

We don’t believe in presenting pages and pages of logos. After all, when does your logo ever really appear in isolation? Instead, we take you through each of the concepts and how these will start to take shape in the real world.

Review and Revisions

At this stage, we ask our clients to take a period of time to reflect and review. Often it makes sense to take a few days away from the design and then return to it with a new perspective. After this period, we all meet again to discuss as a group. With any brand identity project, there are always tweaks here and there so we build revisions into each of our branding projects.

Once a route is agreed upon, we will bring this to life through an agreed list of marketing deliverables allowing you to see what this will look like in real life. We also provide you with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure that, even if we got run over by an elephant on a bike (well it sounded a little more interesting than the usual bus), brand consistency will prevail across all of your marketing collateral.

Delivery and Launch

Once your project has been signed off and everyone is happy, we provide you with your final files which are suitable for both print and online (don’t worry – we’ll give you information on which is which!) We also work with our print and web developer partners to provide you with any printed or online elements that you would like created.

At this stage, you’re ready to launch your brand to the world. Exciting! We can help you to launch in a number of ways – either internally or using the expertise of our partners – from launch parties to digital marketing plans. Whichever way you choose, we can show you how to get the most out of your new brand.

Brand Development & Management

Once your brand is launched to the World, the work has only just begun! We will help develop your brand over time with fresh graphic design  to ensure that your image, products and services stand out from your competitors, but remain in line with your business objectives. This might involve flexing from time to time as new products and services are launched or new target markets are identified. We’ll act as Brand Managers on an ongoing basis, ensuring that brand guidelines are maintained across all company touchpoints, both internally and externally. This is crucial to ensure that your customers and employees have a positive experience of your brand. 

Based in West Sussex, we work with clients in the local towns of Crawley and Horsham, but we have plenty of clients further afield too, in Brighton, London and even internationally. If you are looking for a brand design agency or creative branding agency that will really get to grips with what your business is all about, then your geographical location is really no obstacle.

Are you in? Ok let’s get started!

Praise for Our Work

“We approached xHeight to help us develop our brand guidelines and associated imagery. They produced a series of image proposals for us which were well received resulting in us choosing what is probably the best logo for a golf course business as well as implementing brand identity guidelines across the whole business.”

Stuart Ritchie


Hertsmere Golf Ltd