Stand out from the crowd


How can I make my brand stand out from the crowd?

With many markets being oversaturated in today’s world, it can be difficult to separate your brand from the noise.

As millions of businesses are constantly trying to seek the attention of consumers, with new ones popping up every single day, finding a clear way to promote what your business can uniquely bring to the table to your ideal clients can be a tricky task.

To help you navigate the minefield of dos and don’ts of how you can go about doing this, we’ve pulled together a list of key considerations you should be taking into account when trying to make your brand shine above and beyond your competitors.

Shall we get started?

Don’t skimp on telling your story

Telling your story of where your brand originated from and what its purpose is will help build an interested and loyal customer base.

This also provides the opportunity for your audience to connect with your business on a more personal level and helps to develop an ongoing relationship that will last long into the future.

Focus on what’s unique about your story and use this to create an edge over the competition.

Cast a critical eye over your branding

If your current image just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore, or if your goals as a business have shifted, then it might be time to consider a rebrand.

Rebranding provides the perfect opportunity to reposition your business in a more unique way, to launch new products or services more successfully and to create a distinct gap between you and your competitors.

Consistency is key

In an ideal world, you want your brand to be the first one that pops into your customers’ heads when they’re looking for the product or service you provide, but how do you achieve this? The answer is consistency.

Brand assets that are instantly recognisable, resonate with your audience and tie in all of your values and goals in a consistent format, enable you to catapult yourself into the minds of your audience and leave a great lasting impression that’ll make them want to come back to you again and again.

Keep it simple and ensure that you have unifying visuals across all of your channels to prevent any possible confusion.

Flaunt your personality

Every brand has a unique personality and voice. Whether it’s professional and trustworthy, or funky and playful, identifying and showcasing where your brand fits on this scale gives your audience more of an insight into your values and objectives.

For instance, think about how ‘Tiffany & Co’ have built their image of sophistication and quality over the years through how they’ve positioned their brand and showcased their personality. By doing this, they’ve managed to cement themselves as one of the most recognisable and prestigious luxury jewellers in the world.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have ‘Innocent Smoothies’, who take a polar opposite approach by utilising far more casual and ‘tongue in cheek’ language and messaging in their branding. Whilst they still provide a high-quality (and delicious) product, there’s a much bigger focus on using humour to relate to their target audience in order to create a lasting and memorable connection.

These two brands provide perfect examples for why having your own identity and charm throughout all of your assets, materials and interactions helps you to build your unique brand identity and establishes you within the market.

So how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Making your brand distinguished and eye catching from the outset will ensure success long into the future. To find out how the team here at xHeight can help make your brand ‘pop’, then please contact us via email at or call us on 01403 586 002. We can’t wait to hear from you!