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Why should I use a graphic design agency for my business?

When a potential customer discovers your business, more often than not the first thing that they notice is how you look. No, not you personally! But your visual look and feel, such as your logo, colour scheme and the design style you’ve chosen for your products or services. If these elements don’t quite click, then it can cause a disconnect between you and your audience.

To put it simply, your visuals need to be sleek, consistent and sum up what your business is about. So, what does this entail?

First of all, you want to make sure that your visual assets are appropriate for all of your marketing materials and channels. The main reason for this is so that potential customers will immediately recognise you no matter where they find you, which will, in turn, build brand recognition over time.

Another key element is making sure that you have designs that do you justice. What this means is that your graphics are representative of your values and, most importantly, successfully showcasing your personality. For example, do you want your business to come across as professional, innovative, trendy or perhaps a mixture of them all?

One final area that needs to be considered when it comes to your graphic design is that all of the aspects fit together nicely. How does your logo sit within a brochure or an exhibition stand design, for example?

If this all seems a bit tricky to achieve to you, working with a graphic design agency could be the answer you’re looking for.

What can a graphic design agency bring to the table?

1. Access to invaluable expertise

Whichever graphic design agency you choose to work with, make sure they have experience across a range of different projects. Ask to see their portfolio, have a conversation with them (either face to face or video call) to make sure they’re a good fit.

Here at xHeight, for example, our team have 25 years of graphic design experience (oh how time flies when you’re having fun!), over which time we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across the UK, and internationally, helping them to grow and flourish into the brands they are today.

Not every graphic design agency will have the right expertise, personality or style that you’re looking for, so make sure you do your homework before putting down a deposit or asking them to start work.

2. A real time saver

I think you’ll agree that the most important currency we all have is time. By partnering with a graphic design agency, you can leave them to do all the heavy lifting in regards to producing all of your graphical assets, whilst you can focus your time and energy on other areas of your business that need your attention.

3. Saving money

Outsourcing your graphic design requirements to an agency removes the need for you to have a team in-house, in turn greatly reducing your overall costs as a business. Perhaps more crucially, working with an outsourced partner puts the pressure on them to perform in order to keep you as a client. High quality work without breaking the bank. Win/win.

4. A fresh insight

It can sometimes be tough to get the creative juices flowing, especially when you have other things on your mind. We’re also very often too close to our own business to see the wood for the trees. Working with a graphic design agency will help relight that spark, give you an external perspective and get you back on track to creating graphics for your business that are aligned with your personality and goals.

These are just some of the many benefits of working with a graphic design agency. If you or your team would like to find out more information about how xHeight can help you with your next design project, then please visit our ‘Graphic Design’ page on our website, or contact us via email at hello@xHeightdesign.co.uk or call us on 01403 586 002. We look forward to hearing from you!