Different Nutrition

Different Nutrition

An innovative new supplement brand daring to be different

Different Nutrition Logo Design
Different Nutrition Hat design
Different Nutrition product design
Different Nutrition Label design
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Different Nutrition graphic design

Different Nutrition is an all new sports supplement brand, who’s mission is to enhance its customers wellness and performance though integrity and transparency. All of their ingredients are natural, ethically sourced and sustainable, and the owner wanted an identity that showcased energy and dynamism which would appeal to athletes, sportspeople as well as the everyday gym goer.


The dynamic angles of both the logo and packaging design was at the heart of our brand identity solution.

This was to showcase the energy provided by the product as well as the forward-thinking nature of the brand. We opted for a black and white brand to create a classic look which also allows for versatility as the brand grows.

“xHeight are a pleasure to work with, their attention to detail in helping to create our brand image was excellent. Would highly recommend them.”

Richard Brindley


Different Nutrition