Emmy’s Best Pet Products

Emmy’s Best Pet Products

Helping a premium online pet brand lead the pack

Emmys Best Pet Products advertising imagery design
Emmys Best Pet Products product imagery design
Emmys Best Pet Products advertising graphic design
Emmys Best Pet Products Logo design
Emmys Best Pet Products packaging design
Emmy's Best Pet Products ecommerce designs

Emmy’s Best is a premium pet products brand that sells its products online. The old branding did not suggest premium and their product line-up was in need of a serious refresh, unification and clear vision.


‘Emmy’ was the owner’s pet Labrador and the inspiration for the products, so we wanted her to be at the heart of the brand – we used that as a starting point for creating the new logo.

The final brand identity and packaging is clean, simple, but striking. The logo shows ‘Emmy’ in full stride and the packaging is consistent across all of their products. This design language was also rolled out to their Amazon, Walmart and Shopify stores. We continue to act as brand guardians, creating new labelling and packaging designs as required, as well as artwork amends to include elements such as updates to ingredients, etc.

“We could not be more pleased with the job xHeight have done with the branding and design for our growing brand. The team has a knack and keen ability to tell a compelling story through designs that truly move people into action. We are constantly complimented on the look and feel of our products and branding, and we owe a huge kudos to Richard, Karen, and the xHeight team!”

Kevin Rizer


Emmy’s Best Pet Products