Sussex Surveyors

Sussex Surveyors

A dynamic marque for a leading Chartered Surveyor

Sussex Surveyors hard hat logo
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Sussex Surveyors logo
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Sussex Surveyors brochure

Sussex Surveyors, a friendly and highly experienced team of Chartered Surveyors based in various locations across West Sussex, approached us to create a fresh, dynamic and vibrant new identity that reflected their brand values and their business, and that would enable them to attract new, ideal customers.


The marque we created was designed around a tick (trust), a brick (construction) and external/internal walls (surveying).

This innovative identity was applied to their website, signage, brochures and stationery.

“We used xHeight in 2021 to produce a new look for our business. Not only did we love the logo they produced, but also the colours, font, and other areas that have flowed into all parts of our business. We regularly get positive comments on our logo etc. so others also seem to agree with us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Tony Pearson


Sussex Surveyors LLP