We’re xHeight, a brand identity agency based in Horsham, West Sussex

We rebrand our clients’ businesses with a fresh, new look that represents their personality and values

Karen Hardie and Richard Knight of xHeightDesign
Karen Hardie and Richard Knight, blue door background
Richard Knight, Creative Director of xHeightDesign
Karen Hardie and Richard Knight of xHeightDesign at an indoor table
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Karen Hardie and Richard Knight of xHeightDesign at an outdoor table

It can be tough to get noticed in today’s competitive marketplace, which is why, more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial to build a strong brand – supported with compelling graphic design – and to work with a brand identity agency that understands this.

Here at xHeight, our brand identity and graphic design services help create killer brands that will have real impact.

Our passion and purpose for being is to bring our clients’ visions, personalities and values to life. We help you to stand out from the crowd and position yourself correctly within your marketplace.

We like to keep it simple, meaning you won’t be bombarded with jargon when working with us and we’ll keep you up to speed every step of the way.

How can a brand identity agency help me?

competitive positioning icon: 1,2,3 listing

Create a new competitive positioning to take you to the next level and drive growth

New Customers icon: Globe

Reach new customers and markets, and make acquiring new (ideal) customers easier

Communicate icon: Speakerphone

Better communicate what you stand for and the services you provide

Business Value Increase icon: graph with up trend

Increase your business value

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Better represent you from a positioning perspective within your marketplace

Directon icon: compass

Give your employees direction and motivation

Bringing your brand alive with the help of a creative graphic design agency

As a graphic design agency with a wide range of experience in rebranding businesses and revamping brands across a wide range of sectors, we’re able to provide our clients with unique and stand-out branding, digital and printed marketing collateral, whether they be a start-up or scale-up business.

Our clients are game-changers and movers and shakers; ambitious businesses that are looking to make a real difference in their industry and who understand the importance of a strong brand identity and the value it brings to their bottom line.

We work with clients across Horsham, Crawley, West Sussex and beyond – in fact, we have no real geographical limitations and have clients right across the UK, and internationally too. So, if you’re looking for a branding – or rebranding agency – to help elevate your position in your marketplace and stand out from the crowd, get in touch today.

What we stand for


We believe that any creative brief that we take on should be enjoyed, not endured, which is why we only work with clients that we feel we have a strong connection with.

Energy & Enthusiasm

Which we apply to everything we do.


Our clients are much more than a revenue stream to us. We want our collaboration to form a long-lasting and fruitful relationship. We act as growth partners and an extension of their team rather than an outsourced supplier.

Independent & Free Thinking

We look for the alternative perspective and love variety in what we do, which is why we don’t specialise in any particular niche. We believe that variety is not only the spice of life; it also keeps us fresh creatively.


About our clients’ brands. To us the output truly matters

Why Us?

A small but perfectly formed team

This keeps us responsive and flexible to our clients’ needs.

Business comes first

As business owners ourselves, we won’t create pretty designs that we think look nice. We understand the importance of the sweet spot between the business objectives and looking good.

Global experience, matched with local expertise

We could happily reel off the list of global clients that we have worked with. The exciting £££ budgets that have enabled us to work on some really cool, creative campaigns. However, we prefer to use our big brand experience these days to help independently-owned businesses to bring their brands to life; working with the business owners and directors who are deeply passionate about their businesses.

We won’t compromise on quality

We’re often complimented on our relationship-driven approach and speed of turnaround. However, we believe that this should not be a trade off with quality. We work in partnership with our clients to forge strong relationships but also to get results for them every time.

Our Team

We like to think of ourselves more as a team than an agency. We don’t believe in costly studios filled with expensive furniture. We prefer to stay small.

This means you’ll always be working with the Senior Team, allowing us to react quickly to your responses and any challenges that arise.

We offer a more personal relationship with our clients than many larger brand identity agencies are able to, providing them with quicker turnarounds.

But don’t be fooled by our size… we pack a big punch.

xHeightDesign Founder: Karen Hardie

Karen Hardie 

Client Services Director

Karen is one of life’s ‘people people’. She loves nothing more than getting to know her clients and what motivates them.

Her Branding career spans over two decades and her experience of working for some of the biggest brands in the World (from Nike and Coca-Cola to BMW and Visa) has provided her with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Branding and Brand Management. However, she believes that her real skillset lies in getting to know her clients and what makes them tick. Her clients come first; and she believes that this is just as crucial as brand design is – in fact it’s at the core of everything she stands for.

It’s true when they say that no-one will ever care about your business as much as you do. However, if you’re looking for partner that gets as passionate about your business ideas as you do, Karen comes pretty close.

xHeightDesign Founder: Richard Knight

Richard Knight

Creative Director

Richard is a self-proclaimed ‘brandaholic’. When he’s not working on a fresh new brand identity design for one of his clients, he’s usually found pouring over the latest brand identity trends or with his nose in one of his favourite brand design books. It’s this passion – along with his meticulous attention to detail – that have earned him great respect from his clients for delivering brand identities that truly reflect the values and personality of their businesses.

Don’t be fooled by his youthful looks, he’s worked in the creative design and branding industry for 30 years, both agency and client side, on big brands such as Three, Unilever and the BBC.

His commitment and enthusiasm for his clients’ branding projects – whether that be a start-up or a scale-up – is never in doubt.

How we can help

Brand Identity Design & Rebranding

We create impactful brands that connect you to your customers

Graphic Design

We create engaging design assets to strengthen your brand

Digital Design

We help you convey a clear, powerful message within a small space

Packaging design: Product packaging

Packaging Design

We help your brand stand out on shelf or online

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Partner Services

We partner with experts in the fields of Brand Strategy, Website Development, Digital Marketing, PR, Photography and Videography

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